13 FDA 510(k) Cleared Anti-Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices

Dorsal Appliance

Acrylic, Accu-Fit, Comfort-Fit

DynaFlex Adjustable Herbst

Acrylic, Accu-Fit, Comfort-Fit

New! dreamTAP

Cobalt-Chromium Hardware

Dorsal AirPlus

Acrylic, Accu-Fit, Comfort-Fit

Tap 1, Tap 3 & Elite


TESTIMONIAL: My ‘go to lab’ for the Dorsal Appliance
“I have been using DynaFlex Lab for my Dorsal Appliances for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea patients for over three months, and I am very pleased with both their service and the quality of their lab work. DynaFlex has been in the business of making orthodontic and sleep apnea appliances for decades, so they are well versed in the nuances of appliance construction. My contact person, Gary Quaka, has been excellent to work with and is very responsive to my needs as a dental sleep medicine practitioner. If I need any customization or modifications to my appliance design, DynaFlex is quick to respond. Their turnaround time and customer service are excellent, and their fees are very competitive. I am fortunate to practice in St. Louis where DynaFlex is located, but I would have no hesitation working with DynaFlex no matter what city I lived in. DynaFlex has quickly become my ‘go to lab’ for the Dorsal Appliance.”

Robert A. Levy, D.M.D., LLC
Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

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