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EZ-Align® is a time proven system that has provided
tremendous results for thousands of patients over the past several years.

EZ-Align® is a clear tray system that progressively aligns your patients teeth until the final results
have been achieved. This system is able to treat with few trays and in quicker times than some other aligner systems.
EZ-Align® is an affordable alternative to other aligner systems currently available.

The Advantages of EZ-align® Clear Aligners

COMFORT: Minimally invasive and custom fitted.
AESTHETICS: EZ-Align® virtually clear, making it almost completely invisible to the eye.
HYGIENIC & EASY: The patient can remove the aligners when eating or drinking and when they brush and floss the teeth.

The Material Advantages

Made of Thermoplastic Material, Latex and BPA Free, & Esthetically-Pleasing Option For Patients

EZ-Align® trays are custom fitted clear trays with progressive tooth alignment built into each tray.
It can be difficult making a decision about the best alignment solution. We’ve try to make it as simple as possible. DynaFlex® gives you the option to allow our laboratory technicians to customize a treatment plan for your patients.

What to Expect:

Your will start with tray visably labeled “A” then move to tray “B” and so on, until treatment has been completed. Each tray should be worn for approximately 2-3 weeks prior to moving to the next tray. For best results, patients should be expected to wear each tray for at least 20 hours per day. Each aligner tray comes individually packaged in a protective case and labeled for easy identification.

Getting Started is Easy

Select a patient who will benefit from alignment of anterior teeth or who has had prior orthodontic treatment and has relasped. Take a PVS impression or use intra-oral scanner and send us the impressions or scan. Utilize the custom EZ-Align® prescription and return with your impressions or your scan. In less than 2 weeks, you will receive 1-5 trays that will complete the alignment of your patient’s anterior teeth. It’s that simple…

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EZ-Align is a registered trademark of DynaFlex®