Laboratory Information: Lab Prescriptions

Revised DynaFlex Prescriptions Now Available!
Please check the revision date at the bottom of your prescription to make sure you are using the most current version.
Current Revision – 09/2016
Current Positioner Revision – 03/2017
Current Sleep Revision – 02/2017

Download our prescription sheets to help same time when ordering custom lab services from DynaFlex. Follow the instructions below to save the prescription pdf with your information in it.

Save Prescription with Consistent Information
Click one of the DynaFlex Prescription links below to open it in your browser window. Go to File > Save As and save it to your desktop or folder of choice.

Open the RX.pdf and fill in information that will remain consistent on all prescriptions (such as doctors name, address, email, etc.).

Go up to File > Save in order to save all of your information in the pdf so you or your office workers do not have to fill in the same information every time.

Save Prescription with Individual Patient Information

Open your saved version of RX.pdf and fill in all of the patients information.

Go to File > Save As to rename and save file with patients information.

DynaFlex Downloadable Prescription PDF’s

Lab Prescription

Sleep Prescription

Herbst Prescription

IDB Prescription

Series-2000® Prescription

Positioner Prescription

EZ-Align® Prescription

Retainer Prescription

SmartJet Prescription

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